Here’s the press release we sent out today:

Legendary Producer Rob Fraboni Joins Timbreo Sound Team

Cirrus Social Media, Inc. announces it’s collaboration with Grammy winning music producer, Rob Fraboni, for the ongoing development of the Timbreo sound app. Timbreo is a revolutionary proprietary audio enhancement technology designed to bring back depth, dimension, and detail to streamed audio.

Fraboni, known for his work with Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones, brings 48 years of production and sound engineering experience to the Timbreo platform.

More about Rob Fraboni.

Timbreo MusicolonyCEO Doug Williams says, “Under Fraboni’s guidance, the Timbreo app helps improve music streaming sound – without increasing data load or the need for expensive high-def audio files. We found people were compensating for loss of audio quality by turning up volume. So, our goal was not only to add back range and dynamics, but deliver a clear, full sound at lower volumes; and help protect a users hearing. “

Timbreo works in conjunction with Musicolony, a music social site/app in re-development, and lets users share and listen to music streams in real time.

Williams says, “These combined app platforms make it easy for users to enjoy better sounding streaming music with their friends. After launching both platforms, we’ll begin adding new features which immerse members in the world of music.”

Both platforms start crowdfunding at IndieGoGo,, in June.