Timbreo Takes On Streaming Sound Quality

San Diego, CA – July 11, 2017 (Investorideas.com Newswire) Cirrus Social Media announced a crowd funding campaign for Timbreo, an app to improve streaming sound quality without increasing data load. Currently, in alpha development, the app began as a response to the music industry’s shift to high definition files as a solution to sound quality issues.

People who want to help crowd fund the site can find the campaign at Indiegogo. https://igg.me/at/musicolony

Cirrus Social Media CEO Doug Williams says, “The music business sacrificed sound for convenience and portability. Now, they want to charge a premium to restore music to its’Timbreo Musicolony original state. Many people aren’t willing to pay the premium cost for high def files or pay for the increased data loads.”

Timbreo’s proprietary technology is being developed to enhance dynamic range in order to bring back depth, dimension, and detail.

According to Williams, people often increase volume to compensate for loss of audio quality. He maintains with Timbreo, “there is no need to increase volume to unsafe hearing levels”. He says Timbreo sounds “cleaner” than compressed audio and results in an enhanced listening experience which can be realized at much lower volume levels than those used for standard compressed audio.

While developed as a stand alone app, Timbreo will be an added feature for the social media music site, Musicolony.

Both platforms are now crowd funding now at IndieGoGo, https://igg.me/at/musicolony, in June.

Hear Timbreo sound samples.

About Cirrus Social Media

Cirrus Social Media is tech startup company based outside San Diego. Founder Doug Williams has a long history in technology sales and marketing, and has led various companies from zero to multi million dollar revenue streams. His decades long experience includes founding, co-founding, and managing the growth of numerous digital media and technology companies. Williams has long worked to create a social music platform dedicated to music.