Not So Pretty

30 tracks of odd, unusual, funny, and “what the hell” music.


31 tracks pulled from Detroit’s rich musical history. Rock, Motown, garage, soul, and more.

Night Music

Turn out the lights and disappear into the night with these 21 tracks.

One Man Bands

Performers who perform as a one man band. No studio wizardry here. 28 tracks.


Our first member playlist. 30 tracks of the best rap music.

Texas Rock

21 tracks of big and bawdy Texas rock and roll.


Disappear into the mist with 26 tracks of electronic, shoegaze and surreal rock.

Rob Fraboni

24 tracks from producer/engineer Rob Fraboni’s career.

Toppermost of The Poppermost

Harmonies, melodies, and plenty of guitar. It’s 30 tracks of power pop.

Fats Domino

21 tracks to remind us of the importance of Fats Domino’s music.