Alone and Rockin’: The One Man Band Playlist

What’s a one man band?

Well, technically Paul McCartney counts as a one man band. Wait a minute, you say, “Paul McCartney has a band!” Yes, he does, but on many recordings, Mr. McC plays all the instruments. In the modern era, a number of performers play all the instruments in studio, but don’t recreate their wizardry live.

Which brings us to this one man band playlist.

You need to understand a few things about these performers. These cats play live as one man bands. Do they perform as full bands, too? Yes, but most built their reps as one man bands.

Typically, there’s a guitar, drums, and a harmonica playing simultaneously. Others such as Quintron and The Voodoo Organist surround themselves with keyboards and drum machines. You get all types of variations, but one thing remains constant. One man bands sound driven and a little off center.

You’ll hear cursing, songs about the devil, and whatever else weird shit their minds conjure. A lot of these people play like they’re running from a demon or in a hurry to get to the bar. I suppose the very nature of playing guitar and drums at the same time lends urgency to the music.

You won’t find any of these songs on the Billboard Hot 100. These performers write music their own way, play under their own terms, and stay true to their vision.

In the one man band world, legends fill this playlist. You may know current names like Scott H. Biram, Shakey Graves, or Reignwolf. You may know Dr. Ross’s music. His songs were covered by numerous rock bands.

One things for certain. You’re in for a good time. Enjoy!

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