Not So Pretty Music Playlist

Here’s the first Spotify playlist we’re publishing. We decided to do something a little different. Let me explain.

According to Spotify, billions of playlists exist. Often, these playlists revolve around moods and get titled with words like chill, party, relax, and any other emotion you can dream.

Sure, we’ll get around to creating playlists like those, but there’s a couple of us who love not so pretty music.

What is not so pretty music?

Your reference point could be the wonderful, gone but not forgotten, Dr. Demento radio program. The legendary program was successful because the music was fun (and demented).

Make no mistake, these types of songs have many fans.

This playlist includes hilarious, strange, eccentric, and, in some cases, offensive songs.

Highlights (or low lights, depending on your perspective) include:

  • John Trubee – A Blind Man’s Penis – the story about this song’s inspiration is legendary. Surreal and hilarious.
  • The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralyzed – a true classic, this song tests your patience. Revel in the fun (or insanity, you decide).
  • Johnny Cash – Look At Them Beans – how does one of the greatest songwriters of all time make this list? Listen to the song and you tell us.
  • Frank Zappa – Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow – a talented songwriter and musician who wasn’t afraid to offend. Once you listen to this song, not only will you laugh, but you’ll probably find yourself singing the earworm chorus.
  • Ogden Edsl – Dead Puppies – disturbing. If you love dogs (or animals in general), move along, there’s nothing to hear here.
  • The Buoys – Timothy – my wife introduced me to this melodramatic cannibalistic tune. The real kicker question here: how did he suppress the memory of eating his friend?

Well, that’s enough to get you started. At the least, you’ll be entertained. If you’re looking to clear out a party, pop in this playlist, and watch the faces.

Remember, if you listen to the songs here, you’ll only get 30 seconds of pain or pleasure. To hear the whole song, login to your Spotify account and flail away. If you don’t have a Spotify account, here’s how to get a free one.

Don’t forget, we’re hard at work building both Musicolony and Timbreo. Soon, you’ll be able to share and access playlists-with your friends-across different streaming services. If you want to help us move faster, we’re crowdfunding now.




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