Not So Pretty Music Playlist

Here’s the first Spotify playlist we’re publishing. We decided to do something a little different. Let me explain.

According to Spotify, billions of playlists exist. Often, these playlists revolve around moods and get titled with words like chill, party, relax, and any other emotion you can dream.

Sure, we’ll get around to creating playlists like those, but there’s a couple of us who love not so pretty music.

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Timbreo Takes On Streaming Sound Quality

San Diego, CA – July 11, 2017 ( Newswire) Cirrus Social Media announced a crowd funding campaign for Timbreo, an app to improve streaming sound quality without increasing data load. Currently, in alpha development, the app began as a response to the music industry’s shift to high definition files as a solution to sound quality issues.

People who want to help crowd fund the site can find the campaign at Indiegogo.

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Timbreo Musicolony

Timbreo and Musicolony Crowdfunding Campaign Launches

Legendary Producer Rob Fraboni Joins Timbreo Sound Team
Cirrus Social Media, Inc. announces it’s collaboration with Grammy winning music producer, Rob Fraboni, for the ongoing development of the Timbreo sound app. Timbreo is a revolutionary proprietary audio enhancement technology designed to bring back depth, dimension, and detail to streamed audio….