Alone and Rockin’: The One Man Band Playlist

What’s a one man band?

Well, technically Paul McCartney counts as a one man band. Wait a minute, you say, “Paul McCartney has a band!” Yes, he does, but on many recordings, Mr. McC plays all the instruments. In the modern era, a number of performers play all the instruments in studio, but don’t recreate their wizardry live.

Which brings us to this one man band playlist.

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Musicolony Helps Manage Streaming Overkill

Music streaming users have a big problem – too much choice. Users, with 30-40 million songs to choose from, are sensitive to the  frustration and time constraints needed to search and listen to music. In other words, they need to manage streaming overkill.

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Not So Pretty Music Playlist

Here’s the first Spotify playlist we’re publishing. We decided to do something a little different. Let me explain.

According to Spotify, billions of playlists exist. Often, these playlists revolve around moods and get titled with words like chill, party, relax, and any other emotion you can dream.

Sure, we’ll get around to creating playlists like those, but there’s a couple of us who love not so pretty music.

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