Rob Fraboni: A Legendary Producer’s Playlist

It’s not every day you create a playlist based on a person’s career. That’s exactly what we did with our Rob Fraboni playlist.

As you recall (or maybe not), Rob is part of the Timbreo team. If you’ve never heard of Rob, the playlist speaks volumes about his accomplishments in the music industry.

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Texas Rock Playlist

Like the state, Texas music is a big sprawling mish mash of different people and influences which end up sounding distinctly Texan.

It’s as though a country full of influences landed in one state and mutated. There’ve been giants who played blues, outlaw country, rock, rap, soul, swing, psych, garage, and cojunto. It’s all been mixed up into a spicy stew called Texas music.

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After Midnight Playlist

Have you ever found some songs sound better outdoors after midnight, bathed in a cool summer night? Or, in bed with lights turned off while music dances around your imagination?

After publishing a Not So Pretty Music playlist and an Alone and Rockin: One Man Band playlist, we’re changing the mood and slowing down.

The After Midnight playlist embraces eclectic music spanning several generations and styles.

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