Musicolony Helps Manage Streaming Overkill

Music streaming users have a big problem – too much choice. Users, with 30-40 million songs to choose from, are sensitive to the  frustration and time constraints needed to search and listen to music. In other words, they need to manage streaming overkill.

Cirrus Social Media CEO Doug Williams says, “We’re addressing the “too much music choice” issue through Musicolony. We’re taking away the drudgery by making it easier to find music. Our members have the ability to share and leverage friend or family playlists across different streaming services in real time. Plus, we’ll have plenty of curated playlists.”

Musicolony members sign into their existing streaming account through Musicolony which enables them to listen and share playlist streams in real time.

Currently in beta, the Musicolony platform has been undergoing an update to reflect the rapid changes in music consumption and streaming.

Williams says, “We originally built Musicolony to augment streaming platforms because we could see streaming was the next big wave in music distribution. At the time of the build out, there weren’t many viable streaming choices. Our goal has always been to create a music centric network. The current update is to move us from the old model of purchase and download to our original envisioned streaming model.”

Musicolony and the Timbreo sound app are crowdfunding now at Go Fund Me,

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About Cirrus Social Media

Cirrus Social Media is tech startup company based outside San Diego. Founder Doug Williams has a long history in technology sales and marketing, and has led various companies from zero to multi million dollar revenue streams. His decades long experience includes founding, co-founding, and managing the growth of numerous digital media and technology companies. Williams has long worked to create a social music platform dedicated to music.