Musicolony Adds Human Curated Playlist Feature

Cirrus Social Media recently announced the addition of a human curated playlist feature for Musicolony members.

According to a survey conducted by U.K. based MIDiA Research, playlists now surpass albums as the preferred method of consuming digital streaming music.

CEO Doug Williams says, “If people weren’t interested in human curated music, they would listen to Pandora or radio. But people are looking for a human connection as evidenced by the explosive growth of on-demand music streaming.”

Human music curation, always a major component of music, started with early radio DJ’s such as Alan Freed, Dewey Phillips, and, more recently, deejayJohn Peel. These DJ’s, plus many others, played music based on their personal tastes and were important in breaking unknown bands or musicians to the general public.

Arguments against algorithm based curation often point to playlists leaning heavily on well known or long established acts which stifles innovation, buries new artists, and leaves out independent labels.

Like the DJ’s of old, human curated playlists break unknown and talented artists. Often, these artists exist and thrive outside the major recording labels.

“We also feel historical and geographical context gets ignored by algorithms. For example, we published a playlist of Rob Fraboni’s work. How do you do that with an algorithm?” says CEO Doug Williams. He continues,”The foundation of Musicolony is rooted in communities. What better way to understand the music soul and history of a state, city, or a genre than a human curated list?”

Musicolony and the Timbreo sound app are crowdfunding now at Go Fund Me,

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