Music Streaming And The Future

Have you ever used a streaming company and thought your experience should be easier, sound better, and include your friends?

Cirrus Social Media CEO Doug Williams, “Music streaming companies face a quandary. They’re burning through capital to acquire customers and pay royalties, but not focusing on the user experience. Plus, they’re relying on an industry format change for better sound.”

Currently, Williams company is developing two apps, Musicolony and Timbreo, high fidelitywhich improve the end user experience and sound without adding to the cost or bandwidth load caused by hi- resolution sound files.

Williams maintains hi-res files and streaming services substantially add to the annual costs of listening to on-demand music.

So far, many users have opted out of added costs. He notes another cost issue facing hi-res music lies in the cost of upgrading equipment to listen to hi res music. Equipment upgrades can add hundreds of dollars to the overall cost of music listening.

According to the Music Consumer Insight Report, “90% of paid audio streamers use a smart phone for listening” which presents another problem for end users and companies.

Both smartphone users and streaming companies face increased bandwidth usage costs because of hi res music large files.

According to Consumer Reports, a five 4 minute hi res AIFF songs use 1 GB of bandwidth. Williams notes bandwidth costs of delivering high res files also detracts from streaming companies profitability.

Williams sees current problems in the streaming industry as a future opportunity for entrepreneurs who focus on user experience.

He says, “If it were simply about the music, we’d end up with streaming companies and 40 million song playlists. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it?”

Musicolony and the Timbreo sound app are crowdfunding now at Go Fund Me.

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