The Legendary Fats Domino (1928-2017) Playlist

What can you say about Fats Domino that hasn’t already been said? He sold more records than most and soldiered on through a racist country for a big part of his career.

He and Dave Bartholomew wrote The Fat Man in 1949, a record often pointed to as the first rock and roll record.

One thing for certain. Fats help lay the groundwork for rock and roll. His sound (and the New Orleans sound) contributed to Jamaican ska which mutated into reggae. He influenced everyone from Elvis Presley through The Beatles. According to legend, Elvis intimated Fats was the king of rock and roll.

Also, Fats was part of the first induction group at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

His NY Times obit.

Here’s 21 of his best songs.