Toppermost of the Poppermost: Power Pop Playlist

What does power pop sound like?

Well, plenty of guitars. Sometimes driven; sometimes jangly; sometimes both.

Melodic. Harmonies. Heartbreak. Love gone wrong. Often, everyday things.

If you’re thinking these descriptors sound like The Beatles, Kinks, The Who, and a host of other 60’s based bands, power pop playlistyou’d be right.

Nonetheless, the term power pop came into vogue during the ’70’s with bands such as Big Star, The Raspberries, Badfinger, and Cheap Trick.

There’s been much written about power pop in books, magazines, and blogs. There have been legendary bands who rose up the charts, and others who dwell in the rock and roll sub-strata playing for small legions of loyal fans.

One thing for certain.

Power pop never goes away.

Look at Cheap Trick’s recent resurgence.

Back to the task at hand.

Building this power pop playlist could have included hundreds of songs. Unfortunately, only the most fervent of you would go along for such a long ride.

So, I opted to go with a bite size introduction.

I suspect this playlist will grow to include additional power pop gems. Or, I’ll split off another list. And another.

Who knows?

If you want more power pop, let us know on Twitter (@musicolony).

If you’re curious about more power pop bands (or other genre’s and bands), you’ll love Every Noise At Once. It’s an interactive map of bands and genres. Click around and listen to music representative of specific genres. The site is an amazing piece of work and a buffet overload for the music junkie inside you.

One more thing.

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That’s it for now. Watch for an upcoming psych playlist. Rock on.


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