Music Streaming And The Future

Have you ever used a streaming company and thought your experience should be easier, sound better, and include your friends?

Cirrus Social Media CEO Doug Williams, “Music streaming companies face a quandary. They’re burning through capital to acquire customers and pay royalties, but not focusing on the user experience. Plus, they’re relying on an industry format change for better sound.”

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The Legendary Fats Domino (1928-2017) Playlist

What can you say about Fats Domino that hasn’t already been said? He sold more records than most and soldiered on through a racist country for a big part of his career.

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Musicolony Adds Human Curated Playlist Feature

Cirrus Social Media recently announced the addition of a human curated playlist feature for Musicolony members.

According to a survey conducted by U.K. based MIDiA Research, playlists now surpass albums as the preferred method of consuming digital streaming music.

CEO Doug Williams says, “If people weren’t interested in human curated music, they would listen to Pandora or radio. But people are looking for a human connection as evidenced by the explosive growth of on-demand music streaming.”

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