Makes music better!

Optimum sound quality!

Sounds Alive Again!

Streamed Audio

Streaming audio sacrifices great sound for convenience and portability.

Timbreo puts it back.


Timbreo is to streaming audio what HD is to video. Timbreo transforms streamed audio into outstanding audio.

Timbreo helps streamed audio sound alive again. Your streamed audio gains depth, dimension, and detail. Timbreo adds to the dynamic range and harmonics, as it was when it originated from its source. When listeners hear audio like this, no matter the audio source, emotion and greater involvement returns to the listening experience.

The Timbreo team includes Grammy winning producer Rob Fraboni. Rob has worked with legends like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, and many more. 

Timbreo transforms streaming audio, regardless of the streaming service, and betters the sound without adding to the data load.

Timbreo means more than sound quality. Timbreo transforms the streaming audio experience.

Timbreo: the ONLY real time solution that improves streaming audio’s existing file formats on existing hardware.

Here is a brief look at how it works…

  • Analyze the compressed audio signal, determine what content is missing
  • Restore dynamic range and harmonics – adding depth, dimension and detail – in real time.
  • Output Timbreo enhanced audio on any device capable of replaying audio/music.
  • Eliminate the need for proprietary hardware and/or audio file formats. Timbreo works with existing hardware and audio standards.

Timbreo’s real time streaming audio experience will be delivered and implemented two ways.

Smartphone App

  • Both iOS and Android will be supported (Windows Mobile may follow)
  • Genre, Artist, Album and Artist search functions will be supported as well as advanced search function such as… top ten songs played, top rated songs etc.
  • Full featured player complete with volume controls
  • Ability to enable or disable Timbreo enhancement.

The Smartphone App can be built as a “white label” app and made available for license.

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • A basic version of Timbreo intended to be used for licensing opportunities.
  • The API will allow licensors their own custom user interface.